Regan Pittman

"For a young athlete looking to play at the collegiate level, it is a dream come true to train under a Division 1 player. For a parent walking alongside their son or daughter, hoping to help them attain their athletic goals - Regan is a dream come true. She is professional, passionate, and precise. Her attention to detail and explanation to athletes are clear and insightful."

Regan Pittman

Coach, Founder, STVA

Regan graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2021 with a Masters Degree in Youth Development Leadership.

A three-time All-American, three-time B1G 10 Team, Volleyball Magazine First Team, Senior CLASS Award First Team, and AVCA All-North Region Selection, Regan is a powerhouse both on and off the court.

Regan is a natural leader, magnetic, and engaging. Authentic, through and through, she develops strong, caring relationships with the girls she coaches and mentors them in life as well as in volleyball.

At volleyball camps across the country, Regan shares her personal story with up and coming players - candidly sharing her own successes and challenges and seeing the strengths, value, and talents of all girls. Through thoughtful relationship building, she helps girls build confidence through self-awareness, strength identification, and genuinely seeing each girl with a person-first, athlete-second approach.



Companion | Dog | Best Friend

Meet Earl. Always by Regan's side and the sweetest, most loving pup on the planet. Earl has been known to shag balls at Regan's lessons, pose for photos and cuddles, and make special appearances at camps. 

Besides being exceptionally lovable, Earl works alongside Regan, raising funds for Earl's Helping Paws - a scholarship program supporting youth with financial need by providing grants for camp registration fees.